My Toll Experience


My septic system, a $40,000 “mound system,” was not installed according to the plans, and is missing a central monitor port.  Nonetheless, the inspectors here in Montgomery Township, N.J., approved it and issued a CO – only to send me a letter three years later advising me that my septic system is not up to code. 

In addition, the alarm for the septic pump was not installed correctly, and shorts out every time it rains.

I am by no means the only homeowner in my subdivision whose septic system was not installed or inspected correctly.  Sadly, Montgomery Township officials refuse to own up to any of their responsibilities for this: when one of my neighbors confronted our electrical inspector – who is not even an electrician -- about this, his response to her was a very defensive: “If you tell anybody about this, you’ll be sorry.”  I have not heard of problems with septic systems in other Toll Brothers subdivisions, so this may not be a widespread problem outside of my own township.  But if you are thinking about buying a Toll Brothers house, have the septic system thoroughly inspected ahead of time, as this is a very expensive problem to fix, especially if it is a mound system.

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