My Toll Experience

In Summary . . .

When a well-known investigative reporter came to my house to see the problems for himself, he asked me, on camera, what it was like to do business with Toll Brothers.  I told him point-blank that they are the most arrogant, greedy, unprincipled sons of bitches that I have ever dealt with.  I stand by that statement.  I hope he airs it exactly as I said it! 

I believe that the articles I have attached and the interviews with the homeowners on the DVD will more than convince you of Toll’s arrogance and indifference to their customers.  (Mr. Mayo’s remark about Toll being able to outspend anyone who sues them should by itself suffice!) 

But if that doesn’t do it, consider this: when a Toll Brothers’ attorney first learned that an FBI agent had contacted me and requested a copy of the engineers’ reports regarding the house, that attorney actually called the agent and told him that he could not have a copy of the report!  The agent’s response?  “Sir, this is the FBI, not the Newark Star Ledger.  We can have whatever we want as part of a criminal investigation.”  (The attorney wisely did a complete about-face and acknowledged the FBI’s right to the materials.  But by that time, the FBI already had them.) 

When the reporter asked me, on camera, at the end of the interview, if there was anything else I wanted to say, I responded as follows:

 “I truly believe that owning a home is still the American dream.  And Toll Brothers would have you believe that they are building these dreams.  But they are not building dreams at all. They are destroying dreams for people all over this country.”

If you value your dreams – and your life savings -- please do not buy new construction from Toll Brothers – or from any other builder – without first doing your homework very, very carefully.  Your house will probably be the biggest investment you will ever make in your life.  Make sure the investment is a wise one – or else you too may end up out your life savings because of a seriously flawed house and / or a completely unscrupulous builder.

And if you would like to come see my house for yourself, to see if it is truly as bad as I have said it is – or as good as Harald Greve says it is – email me at and let me know.  You are welcome to come see it, to take photos, to take your own measurements, to do whatever will help you make an informed decision about buying a Toll Brothers house. The house is just 10 minutes north of Princeton University, very near all of the major highways that transverse New Jersey, and within an hour of Manhattan and Philadelphia, so it is quite easy to reach.  (Be sure to wear shoes that slip on and off easily so you can feel all the ridges in the floor for yourself.)  I can also arrange for you to speak with other Toll Brothers homeowners so you can hear first-hand about their experiences with Toll, if that will help. 


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