My Toll Experience


    1.  The HVAC system is significantly undersized for the house.  (See Criterium-Lockatong Report.)  I added a Conservatory, a Garden Room, and a finished room off the Master Bedroom, which increased the overall size of the house by approximately 700 square feet, with the expectation that Toll Brothers would upgrade the HVAC system accordingly.  They did NOT.  As a result, it is impossible to keep the Conservatory warm in the winter or cool in the summer, and it is essentially unusable then as a result.

    This appears to be a common problem with Toll Brothers houses across the country.  All of my neighbors who added extra rooms to the basic house have the same problem, as do Toll homeowners I have talked with in virtually every other state in which Toll Brothers builds. 

    Is this “quality?”  Is being unable to consistently use a room that cost you an additional $30,000 really a “luxury?”  Before buying a Toll Brothers house, check to see if the HVAC will be upgraded to accommodate any additional rooms.  And get the answer in writing, as an addendum to the contract, before signing.

    2.  Not only is the HVAC undersized, but it was not installed correctly.  Because the ground was never compacted or properly graded, the A/C units are not on level ground, which affects their operation.  In addition, the blade in one of the A/C units was installed backwards, and the packaging for one of the components was actually left inside the housing.  (See Perri Report and photos.)

    3.  The heat ducts in the sitting room off the Master Bedroom were not installed correctly, and there is a huge gap in the ductwork that enables all of the hot and cool air that should be getting to this room to instead escape into the attic.  As a result, it is impossible to keep this room warm in the winter or cool in the summer, even though this room was part of the basic house.  In addition, because the ducts were not correctly sealed in the attic, I have an infestation of bugs, especially yellow jackets, constantly coming in through one of the vents.  (Because a sizeable section of particle board was omitted from the southern wall in my attic, the attic is infested with yellow jackets.)

    4.  The furnace shares a flue with a hot water heater.  (See Criterium-Lockatong Report.)  This is a serious code violation, yet it is common to every house in my sub-division and seems to be included in Toll Brothers homes by design. 

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