My Toll Experience


 Overall, the finishing is very poor.

1.  Trim is completely missing along the bottom of the back staircase between the first and second floors, and also at the foot of the stairs that lead from the kitchen to the basement.  (See Criterium-Lockatong Report and photos.)   In addition, trim is mismatched in several places.

2.  Insulation is completely missing in places.  (See Criterium-Lockatong Report.A number of other Toll homeowners have reported that their houses were missing insulation as well. In houses in Virginia and Connecticut, entire walls were missing insulation. 

3.  I paid for, but did not get, brass-finished hardware fixtures throughout the house. Even in those places where I did get brass fixtures, I did NOT get brass screws. (See Criterium-Lockatong Report, Dowling Report, and photos.) 

4.  With two exceptions, the towel racks and toilet paper holders have all fallen off the walls because they were held on only by screws hammered into the sheetrock; no molly bolts or other types of reinforcements were used to secure them.  In the Master Bathroom, the toilet paper holder was attached only at one end – it fell off the wall the minute I tried to put toilet paper onto it. (See photo.)

5.  Several drains from the gutters to the ground are missing, and the drain that leads from the gutter in the center front of the house was never connected to a drain beneath the ground – it goes nowhere.  So the water just backs up in the gutter and then overflows down onto the portico at the front door, soaking anyone who is standing there, and rotting the wood on the front of the portico. (See Criterium-Lockatong Report , Dowling Report, and photos.)  Toll Brothers asserts that this is a “maintenance problem.”  I should add that the wood has been sanded and repainted several times.  Until the drain is fixed, however, the wood will continue to rot. 

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