My Toll Experience

Beams and Beam Pockets

The plans for the house call for each of the beam pockets to be 8.5” deep, yet not a single one of the beam pockets in my house is more than 6” deep.  (See Criterium-Lockatong Report, Huffman Report, D'Alessio Report, and photos.)   The plans also call for the beams to be seated in the pockets to a depth of at least 6”, yet not a single one is set in more than 5”, and most are set in only 3”.  (See photos.)  Not only are these major code violations, but they seriously undermine the structural integrity of the entire house.

Toll’s expert, Harald Greve, insists there is nothing wrong with the beam pockets or the way the beams are set, aside from the fact that the main beam support is set too high.  (More on this, and his unique suggestion for fixing the problem, shortly.)


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