My Toll Experience

Basement Windows

1.  One of the rear basement windows was not framed correctly, so a steel brace was placed across the top of the window to reinforce it.  (See Criterium-Lockatong Report, D'Alessio Report, and photos.)  This makes it impossible to open the window, and sufficed only to replace one code violation with another more serious one.    

2.  There are large gaps in the concrete around three of the basement windows.  (See Criterium-Lockatong Report, D'Alessio Report, and photos.)  One of these is sufficiently large to allow mice and rats entry into the house.  As a result, my house is constantly infested with rodents, despite the fact that I have had at least one cat in the house the entire time I have lived here.  On several occasions, I have called in an exterminator, but that only kills the rodents that are already in the house; it does nothing to keep others out.

As usual, Toll’s expert, Harald Greve insists there is not a problem.
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