My Toll Experience

Basement Floor

1.  The basement floor is very uneven – i.e., it is not level – to a degree that seriously exceeds code.  In some places, it drops as much as 2” and then rises back up within a width of ten feet.  Within one single 36” wide section, it drops more than 1.5”.  This has been confirmed independently by two structural engineers, each of whom brought in a transit and spent several hours in the basement taking measurements.  (See Huffman Report and D’Alessio Report.)

Toll’s expert witness, Harald Greve, has offered no evidence to refute this.  Instead, he claims that he was unable to take measurements because I have things (old furniture, boxes) stored on the basement floor.  The fact is, he never made any real effort to take any measurements.  I suspect this is because he knew in advance exactly what he was going to find.

2.  Just inside the door that enables you to walk out of the basement, there is a huge and very deep crack running across the entire width of the basement floor.  (See Criterium-Lockatong Report and photos.)  Cores pulled from the concrete suggest that the concrete there is not as thick as it should be, and that the footings are inadequate.  (See Huffman Report.)

Harald Greve has acknowledged that the crack exists, although he does not acknowledge any problems with the concrete or footings.


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